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I see that this community hasn't been updated in some time, but I'm desperate so here I go.

Approximately a billion years ago (2003ish) I heard a recording of "Body Parts" on this now defunct website, which launched me into the wonderful world of Jump, Little Children. However, I have never been able to find this same recording again and the Magazine version just doesn't compare for me. The only thing I can say is that it did not sound live and it had "radio" in the filename; perhaps it was a demo? I have downloaded every alternate version I could find, but none have been the lost super amazing version.


a wee travesty

Hi all,

So, I'm a 5+ year fan of the boys, and since seeing them in 2004, I have had a little Jump bumper sticker on my car. Alas, some tool decided it would be funny to take it off, tearing it in the process, and stick it on someone else's car. By sheer chance I walked by said other car, and well... the damage was done.

(...and the moral of the story is...)
Does anyone know of a stock pile/just one of those little Jump stickers, the yellow road sign one with the big J that looks like a U-turn? If you've seen it, you'd know what I mean.

I am sadly without.


Solo stuff?

I just realized last night that I don't have any of the various Jump solo project stuff, so I want to remedy that! I found Ward and Jay's cds on iTunes, but I can't really tell if Evan, Matt or Jonathan have solo stuff or are just playing with other bands. Can anyone clear this up?

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pink lemonade

Hey guys. I know this is going to sound very vague but I once had an MP3 of the BEST RECORDING of Pink Lemonade ever. Clearly I can't describe to you how it was great, or tell you when it was from, or anything. But due to computer issues I no longer have that Mp3.

I was wondering if anyone could send me what is, in their opinion, the best recording of pink lemonade? it may actually end up being the same as mine, or if not, I'm sure it'd still be great, perhaps even better! pleeeease? thanks in advance.
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Hey, Children!

I'm editing a video for my alma mater's senior graduation. It's an emotional video and there's lots of music involved.
There's a section I want to use certain verses from "First To Feel Like This" but since I downloaded the CD from iTunes when it first came out, the track is "locked" and I cant import it into the program I'm using to edit.

My question-
Can anyone send me an unlocked version of this song so I can use it in the video?

I have made videos before including Jump songs and have let the boys know. They checked out one of them, I believe, and approved! Credit/copyright is not an issue. They know, and this isnt for mass distribution; just a highschool graduation (of 50 students).


Jay + CSO

So obviously opium2.com's down, and I tried emailing the mailing list, and it apparently doesn't work anymore either.

So, anyone who went got a setlist to boot? And what was the special "romantic surprise"? Someone get engaged on stage?